DACOR Scholarships


Undergraduate Scholarships to Encourage Study of Foreign Affairs.

These scholarships, with special encouragement for minority candidates, are for juniors or seniors committed to a major discipline related to foreign affairs. The awards under this “Metro-area” Scholarship Program are for $5,000 toward tuition. George Mason University, Howard University, Maryland University, University of the Virgin Islands, Trinity Washington University are the current institutions. Each of these institutions advertise the program and each selects one winner.

Dreyfus Scholarships for Yale University and The Hotchkiss School for Foreign Service Dependents.

The purpose of this substantial bequest by Ambassador Louis G. Dreyfus Jr. is to support the education of children of Foreign Service Officers at Yale University or The Hotchkiss School.

The Dreyfus Sub-Committee will review and select winners for this award.  Applicants for support at The Hotchkiss School should apply directly to the Hotchkiss Director of Financial Aid.

AFSA-administered Foreign Service Dependent Scholarships.

Each year DACOR contributes $40,000 to the American Foreign Service Association for its need-based scholarship program. These financial aid grants, which range from $500 to $3,000 per student, are for college juniors or seniors pursuing a major related to Foreign Affairs.

Applicants for these awards should contact AFSA, 2101 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037. Tel: (202) 338-4045.  E-mail: www.afsa.org.