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We are an organization of foreign affairs professionals whose careers are defined by international impact. Our members are united in their belief that diplomatic relationships based on deep political, economic, and cultural understanding can solve international problems and change the course of history. Our work takes place in the DACOR Bacon House, one of the Capital's most long-standing havens for discussion about the challenges and opportunities our nation faces and the policies our government pursues in the national interest. The DACOR community is proud to stand for the enduring principles of democracy and equality, of justice and dignity, of peace and prosperity for nations and individuals alike. We invite those who are also committed to the practice and principles of diplomacy to join us.

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Members' Lunch

Members are welcome to make reservations for Members' Lunches and invite their accompanied guests. Please note that DACOR now...


Welcome to DACOR Members' Lunch

On the third Thursday of the month, we hold a Welcome to DACOR lunch for new members. All members are encouraged to come and ...


Cocktails on the Patio

Join us for the member favorite Cocktails on the Patio!

Featuring a cash bar and a laid-back ambiance, DACOR's...



DACOR & The DACOR Bacon House are closed in observance of Juneteenth National Independance Day.